TENDER TOUCH - commission archive

I was first approached by Ling Z. (pictured above left), in early 2014 about an idea she wanted me to help her to realize in ceramics.  A designer working in Shanghai and having studied in the UK, Ling was interested in creating a prototype of tableware that would provide those who can not see, an opportunity to interact and experience the wares in a way that would communicate color. The forms, intentionally simple, used braille as a visual design element but more importantly as a way to communicate to the person holding it, the color of the piece.  

Because of such a specific and simple design and because the ceramic process has so many variables that can result in an undesirable product, we had to create several pieces to get the final works just right.  It was all well worth it, as I enjoyed working with Ling and seeing the success of the finished works.  Below are images of the catalog along with installation shots of the finished pieces that were shown in November / December 2014 in Shanghai in a solo exhibition of Ling's.